About me

Good afternoon!

I am glad to welcome you on our homepage. Here you will find useful information on medical massage. Information will be useful not only for patients, but also for specialists in this field. In the store section you can purchase various products related to medical massage and rehabilitation.

Now a little about myself.

My name is Alexander Anischenko. I belong to the number of eternal students, who can't sit down, are constantly developing and taking care of people's health, being ready act instantly when it is necessary.

Behind the Bachelor of medical engineer and experience with various medical equipment, its calibration, tuning, repair. Then, the Master of Nutrition and experience in Research & Development (R & D) creating functional products for the humans health care. Being around the world of medicine, combining all the accumulated knowledge, having received medical education and continuously improving my qualification, I am engaged in my vocation - medical massage.

I wish you to find your life purpose too.



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